Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles 2017

Wedding Hairstyles 2017.I remember begging my mother to braid my hair as a child, loving the mother-daughter bonding time and the fact that I could tell my friends at school I had the coolest mom ever; my uniquely braided hair being proof.Wedding Hairstyles 2017

2017 Bridal Hair Trends

2017 Bridal Hair Trends. While the past year has been all about the loose, romantic updo, we’re seeing more brides wearing their hair up in a more structured ballerina-style updo. There’s been a clear trend in the last few years for looser and unstructured curls. Many of the weddings we’ve been a part of have common themes of romance, etherealness, and bohemian chic. Having the curls worn long and loose, with a bit of hair pulled back on both sides or only on one side gives an effortless, romantic  vibe. 2017-bridal-hair-trends-5

Wedding Hairstyles 2016

 Wedding Hairstyles 2016 .When you want to have the unique look in your appearance in attending wedding, you can consider the curly wedding hairstyles. Well, it is kind of the best idea when you want to have a great look with unusual ways. The curly sometimes becomes the great choice with its cute layers. Here, as the consideration for you in styling your hair, I have some kinds of it that can be your choice. You can see the kinds of it below.Wedding Hairstyles 2016  (3)

Wedding Hairstyles 2016

Wedding Hairstyles 2016

Chignon hairstyles are ideal for wedding look. They make any girl look elegant and boho. If you do it flawlessly can be perfect for elegant updos for wedding day. As it has a basic shape it can be a great hairstyle for casual look as well. To create beautiful hairstyles learn the steps of styling mentioned below. So wash your hair and use a small ball of styling mousse into your hair with your fingers. Wedding Hairstyles 2016

Then, blow-dry the hair applying a radial brush and wrapping the sections around it.  Use hairspray on a little damp hair and divide it into small sections about 2 inches each. Start curling them around rollers and leave it for 15 minutes to add volume and hold of your hairstyle. Take the rollers off and with a brush smooth frizzy hair.