Ponytail hairstyles for summer 2015


Effortless, but tres-chic nonetheless, the ponytails summer 2015 runways served as a reminder that sometimes simplicity is the best weapon. Without requiring a team of stylists, or a dozen different products to be achieved, the low ponytail is the one style you can trust to look equally stunning either in a flawless interpretation, or a perfectly imperfect one.

Ponytail hairstyles for summer 2015

Sleek, low ponytail for the evening.

It’s been the chic sportswear trend that’s had the biggest influence upon hair trends of late, so it seems only right to start with its influence in this trend guide too.

The sports trend has meant sleek, polished low ponytails. Don’t think sports in terms of messy, wet hair, instead think of it as the trend is: minimalist and understated. After all, that’s what the sports trend has evolved into: sports might be on the way out, but Celine-silhouette minimalism is definitely in. The sleek finish is the epitome of chic when incorporated into a low ponytail and styled accordingly

Sleek low ponytail slung to the side for the day.

Wanting the low ponytail as a daytime look?

Sleek and a tad sporty, the low ponytail slung to the side complements the impeccable vision of woman held by DKNY and others, that of the super-cool girl that’s soaking up a big city’s life. Sleek and featuring a side part (another of spring’s hair trends), this is the kind of ponytail that serves as a statement of mere simplicity. It’s also the sporty and minimalistic alternative to the side braid hairstyle.

A laid-back outfit is all you’ll ever need to balance this styling of the low ponytail’s modern feel, but be sure to give an orange lip shade a try – it’s another of this season’s beauty statements.

Ponytail hairstyles for summer 2015

Low ponytail with thick headband.

Take sleek and minimalistic and add an accessory.

The styling techniques presented above are pretty easy to try out on themselves, but there’s nothing able to enhance the simplicity and beauty of a low ponytail like a well-chosen hair accessory. From thick, minimalist hairbands much like the ones finishing off Victoria Beckham’s austere take on low ponytails, to edgy leather bands and gold barrettes, the options are enough to keep things interesting all year long.

Ponytail hairstyles for summer 2015

Low ponytail with a casual finish.

If sports and minimalism aren’t your style, then spring 2015 allows for plenty of cool, low ponytail interpretations.

A daytime look, this low ponytail with a casual finish still has plenty of polish. Like the daytime sleek low ponytail, this casual interpretation works with a deep side part, sweeping across the forehead and behind the ear.

Ponytail hairstyles for summer 2015

Messy, low ponytail for straight hair.

You can take the casual factor up another step with a message, bed-hair texture low ponytail. Gathered at the nape of the neck and tucked behind the ears, it evokes an absolutely effortless feel provided the elements are right: don’t pull all your hair into the ponytail, leave some strands to fall across your face and to sit out behind your ears. And don’t forget the all important texture / volume on the crown.

Ponytail hairstyles for summer 2015

 Textured, low ponytail for wavy hair.

Built upon waves (natural or otherwise) and wrapped with a single strand of hair or an elastic holder, the textured ponytails seen at Derek Lam epitomise this casual-yet-sophisticated take on the trend. Soft and utterly feminine, this nonchalant version of the low ponytail works best with medium to long hair. If you’d like to replicate the full Lam look, also read over our tie-in day to night makeup guide for the show.

Ponytail hairstyles for summer 2015

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