Wedding Hairstyles Summer 2016

Wedding Hairstyles Summer 2016.Summer  the season where flowers bloom, is perhaps the most popular time for weddings. You are in luck if you are attending one or one of the lucky brides or bridesmaids for a wedding this spring, check out our list of Wedding Hairstyles Summer 2016.Wedding Hairstyles Summer 2016 (1)

Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016

Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016.Summer 2016 is upon us, and no doubt many of you and your clients are looking for a new summer hair color or summer hair style to try out!As experts in the salon industry, we are expected to continually give new hairstyle suggestions. Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (8)

2016 Hair Color Trends

2016 Hair Color Trends .There are actually many ideas regarding the 2016 hair color trends for brunettes you can just try. Of course, if you are already brunette, all you have to do is probably only doing treatments so that it can just be healthier and also shinier. But if you want your brunette hair look livelier, you can also play with the highlights.2016 Hair Color Trends


SHORT HAIRSTYLES IDEAS 2016.Short hairstyles are always in trend and can be fun to try. Short hairstyles 2016 will be the best choice for warmer season as it is comfortable to wear and cool. Check out here some awesome short hairstyle ideas and take an inspiration for your next do’. SHORT HAIRSTYLES IDEAS 2016 (1)


2016 MESSY HAIRSTYLES.One may think that getting messy hairstyle is doing nothing but leaving untidy hair loose of pulling in a messy bun. Unfortunately even messy hairstyle supposes hair styling so let’s find out some easy ways of styling messy hairstyles.



THE HOTTEST HAIRSTYLES 2016.Time goes by and we should face the reality that summer is going to be over one day. In order to fill your fall days with summer allure you can get beautiful summer hairstyles that will work perfect for fall as well. 2016 hair trends include mostly summer hairstyles that are going to be popular next season too. They are again relaxed and casual just like summer hairstyles so you can experiment with new hairstyles right now.


2016 Hair Color Trends

2016 Hair Color Trends.Brown hair color in 2016 is more preferable. In particular, red-brown, gold and brown tones. Ash dark blond hair colors most preferred colors. 2016 ombre hair color outmoded. Instead of light sparkle in the hair ends it is more popular. Professional hair color I chose for you. This hair color is very popular.

2016 Hair Color Trends (1)

Best Hairstyles for 2016

Best Hairstyles for 2016.We know that hairstyle is very important for you because it is the part of your style. A right chosen hairstyle will bring you joy and good emotions. If you want to see which are the best hairstyles of 2016 continue reading and find one which perfectly describes your character and personality. Do not forget to consult with your hairstylist before going for any haircut. In all cases changes are good and they are meant to add some positive feelings to your life. Feel free to choose a hairstyle which you like.

Best Hairstyles for 2016 (2)

Hair Color Trends 2016

Hair Color Trends 2016.Choose your color for this Hair Color Trends 2016. Today we want to draw your attention to trendy hair color ideas which add a huge dose of glamor and intrigue everyone around you. Some experts say, that cold time isn’t the right period for revealing the fresh beauty, they say you need to make it look more shading and darker, adding that cool winter blues accents. Hair Color Trends 2016 (1)