Long Hairstyle Ideas 2016


Following the new Long Hairstyle Ideas 2016 we have discovered that the most popular solutions for this year are generally combinations of various trendy hairstyles and are mixtures of simple and complicated hairdos. Here we offer you the most beautiful ideas that you can use in 2016 for different occasions making your choice according to the season. Have a look at them and be inspired.

Long Ombre HairstyleLong Hairstyle Ideas 2016

Though the use of the ombre style is not a news anymore but the most succeeded hairstyles by this technique are worthy to be considered. Many try it on short hairstyles too but the best looks are seen on long hair. If you want to bring all the luxury of your hairstyle you may try it in a loose curly style. This will enhance the beauty of your hairstyle.

Long Sleek Strawberry Blonde HairstyleLong Hairstyle Ideas 2016This subtle strawberry blonde is another shade to highlight the attractiveness of your long healthy locks. It is best reflected on long sleek hairstyle and has a more fashionable look inside parted form.

Retro Half Updo Two-Tone HairstyleLong Hairstyle Ideas 2016If there are great ways to liven up a lovely retro hairstyle the one of them is the two-tone coloring. Using this technique you will have a stunning, refreshed and flashy hairstyle particularly with a retro touch. Retro half updo hairstyles are perfect for long hair and are more delightful with messy curls at the ends.

Half Bun HairstyleLong Hairstyle Ideas 2016Both half bun and half ponytail hairstyles are ideal for log thick hair. They allow you to keep your hair out of your face and to feel the coziness of your hairstyle. Today many celebrities rock this hairstyle even on the red carpet.

Boho Waves with Twisted BangsLong Hairstyle Ideas 2016Do your bangs sometimes annoy you? Twist them back and combine with loose boho waves. The result is very spiffy, girlish and makes you look like a teenager. This hairdo is more beautiful if you add some cute hair accessories that bring out your hair color.

Silver Fishtail BraidLong Hairstyle Ideas 2016The trendy silver hair color is used to grab more attention. Though it makes your hair look like granny’s hair but the shine, the subtleness and the glam that it gives you cannot be compared with any other beauty. Those who have already experimented with this shade know the attractiveness that it gifts simple braided hairstyles.

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