Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016


Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016.Summer 2016 is upon us, and no doubt many of you and your clients are looking for a new summer hair color or summer hair style to try out!As experts in the salon industry, we are expected to continually give new hairstyle suggestions. Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (8)

And with that being said, we’ve compiled what we see as the most popular summer 2016 hair trends to come .Clients tend to go for lighter locks in summer – we know this. However, instead of the same old boring blonde highlights, may we suggest going BRONDE? Meaning, the perfect and subtle combination of both brown and blonde hair color.Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (2) Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (1)This can be achieve with the bayalyage technique or and all over color with well-placed and blended highlights.Summertime is full of bright colors and fun. This is the season to put a few “peek-a-boo” highlights (or more) in your clients hair if they are looking for a unique, yet temporary change. We also suggest just a few pieces of pastel hair colors, because during the summer hair fades faster and is exposed to many elements that could turn an all over pastel hair color to a disastrous ‘chlorine-green’ color.Ombré hair color – love it or hate it – shows no signs of going anywhere this summer!Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (4) Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (3)It’s an easy transition for clients who normally go darker in the fall and want a subtle (or drastic – your choice) change. This versatile summer 2016 trend look can be worn worth both long and short, and comes in all shades and colors!We’ve seen an overall increased demand in red hair color this year. Since red hair color is the fastest to fade and the hardest to cancel out, we suggest going for a strawberry blonde!Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (6) Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (5)This allows your and your client to tap into this already warm tones and brighten it up with some blonde pieces.Not everyone is looking to go blonde in summer. For those dark hair color clients, try suggesting warmer hues that will compliment their eye color and undertones of the skin. Look for those warm caramel and copper tones as an all over color or highlights.We said it was the year of the redhead and we meant it!Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (9) Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (7)Break out those orange hues, because copper red hair color is another summer 2016 trend! Feeling extra spicy? Try a blended combination of fiery reds and copper reds, for an all encompassing look!With starts like Carly Rae Jepsen and Megan fox opting for red hair this summer, no wonder 2016 has been nicknamed, “the year of the redhead.” Just because the summer sun will be quick to fade these red hair colors (without tip #1), doesn’t mean it won’t be requested a lot this summer. Stock up on your FR series (fiery reds), hair stylists, because it’s going to be a red hot, fiery summer!Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (11) Hair Colour Trends Summer 2016 (10)

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