Long Hairstyles 2015

Best Summer Hairstyle trends For 2015

I know the psyche of girls, they are jolly, moody and fashionable, they never like to look underrated, they like to have their charm and obviously they won’t like that their elegance can ever come to an end. For this reason, I work a lot on the fashion posts to keep my girls happy no matter what.

You can seek ideas and fetch inspiration out of the accumulation. Scroll down to see Best Summer Hairstyle trends For 2015. Stay hooked to the blog and trust me we won’t disappoint you. Cheers!

Best Summer Hairstyles 2015

Best Summer Hairstylerends For 2015

The hottest ombre hairstyles 2015

Ombre hairstyles 2015 have always been an inspiration for ladies. From short to long hair, curly or straight, subtle or bold, wearing it can make your look the hottest one. Here we suggest some ombre hairstyles, which are still trendy. So let’s talk about subtle ombre. It’s the great way to freshen up your color and works beautifully on curly hair. Golden olive complexion best suits to these warm, caramel tones of this brunette. To get that texture try a braided hairstyle.The hottest ombre hairstyles 2015

Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015

If you are Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015 if your thin and plain locks, vamp up your locks by adding extra volume to your hairstyle. The easiest way to boost up hair volume is to add layers to your long tresses. The style of layers is very important, you should choose soft graduated layers, that will add volume and definition to your hair. In order to have perfectly polished look, turn to pro hairdresser, who will choose best haircut for your hair type.

 Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015 Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015

Long Hairstyles Trends for 2015

Turn your long hair in a real beauty statement with new season hairstyles ideas. This article will show you new styles of long hair as well as styling tips to create hot image.

Messy long hairstyles 2015

Long Hairstyles Trends for 2015Long Hairstyles Trends for 2015

2015 Celebrity Long Hairstyles Trends

Celebrities are going darker wearing dark brunette hair color, in order to have sexy and mysterious look. If you faced the problem of choosing perfect hairstyle for your skin tone, choose brunette hair color, that will be suitable for any complexion and taste. Check out celebrity new long brunette hairstyles ideas and choose the perfect style for your transformation.

2015 Celebrity Long  Hairstyles Trends2015 Celebrity Long  Hairstyles Trends

Famous pop star Cher Lloyd vamped up het look with dark brunette hair color. Her chic long  hairstyle 2015 was completed with pink and blonde highlights for flirty and edgy look.

Summer Hairstyles 2015

Summer Hairstyles 2015

Head hugger or turban 2015

Ethnic motifs in clothing and accessories are gaining an increasing popularity. You can show your devotion to the African people by not only wearing clothes in specific colors but also through a tied head hugger and a turban. By the way, this technique helps to not only look stylish, but also protect your hair from the sun. You can complement the image with massive jewelry and lipstick in burgundy color.

New hairstyles

Ribbon braids 2015

Long hair can be successfully braided in a braid in the sweltering heat and if you want the look to be brighter, add a ribbon. The accessory has to be tied at the base of hair and then weave together with the hair strands. At the end make a neat bow or fix the whole thing with an elastic band.

Ribbon braids

Ribbon braids

The Granny style 2015

As a child, we often joked on how our grandmother ties a scarf. Today, the so-called “granny style” became the favorite method of young fashionistas. Of course, they choose little different scarves than of our grandmothers. Now these are colorful silk accessories that in tandem with sunglasses and a bright lipstick, allow a lady to look mysterious and attractive.

Granny style

Granny style

The important thing in hairstyle is the sense of style and limit. You can tie a scarf as you like, as long as it looks stylish and not funny. Try and experiment because you can become boring and odd whenever you want. The most important is to not overlook the age when you can afford to look like a pretty woman with bandanas from the 40’s, a hippie girl or even the femme fatale.

Pin – Up 2015

We can not stop repeating that everything new it’s the forgotten past … So today the so popular in the 40s of the last century bandanas fashion returned again. A knotted bow on top of the head looks coquettishly. But remember that the bandana must be a bright color. Floral print, peas, strips and other abstract images are also welcome.

Bandana hairstyles

Bandana hairstyles

It is quite simple to create such a hairstyle. First, we need to get a bandana, and then fold it in a few turns to get a band with a width of 5-10 cm. Then, tie the accessory on top of the skull (the hair is better to collect or to slick back, giving the opportunity to play the role of a headband). Tie the ends in a neat bow or a big knot.

Bandana hairstyles

Hippy 2015

The image of a free and uninhibited girl becomes incredibly popular, pushing away the glamour. Its distinctive features – long floor length loose sundress, sandals, flat shoes and, of course, a bandana, which is a perfect detail to the image. The bandana should be tied over the loose hair (preferably pre disheveled or waved) so that a part of the forehead was covered.

Hippy hairstyles

Summer Hot Long Hairstyles 2015

2015 summer is going to be hot with gorgeous long hairstyles 2015. Get ready with us for coming summer today. Take a look at these smashing images with long hairstyles and choose the one for hot weather.

Summer Hot Long Hairstyles 2015Summer Hot Long Hairstyles 2015

When we think about summer we imagine sun, beach, pool and parties. That’s why your hairstyle should be of low maintains. If you are blessed with natural curls, do not even think about straightening them, because the coming summer is the season of cute curls and romantic waves.

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015

The most important event in any teenage girl’s life is senior ball. Girls get ready for the event long before the date and plan in details all in their image. Some go for bold images the others choose classy styles to look feminine and grown up. Be careful while choosing prom image, everything should be harmonious: hairstyles, dress, make up.

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair 2015


Mind that you should choose you unique haisrtyle fitting your character, in this case you will look fantastic. Prom hairstyles for long hair 2015 have tendency to be natural this year, no high and volumonous chignons and artificial twists

2015 Up-do Hairstyles for Short Hair

Who said that pulled up hairstyle can be created only on long hair? Check out this selection of 2015 up-do hairstyles for short hair and learn some new ways to wear your medium short haircut. Those ideas will take your styling skills to the next level and you will be able to change your image without anybody’s help.

2015 Up-do Hairstyles for Short Hair