Braided Hairstyles 2016


Long hair hair has always been considered as gem and pride for a female. They say the longer your hair the more feminine you look. And while many go for short haircuts we enjoy plenty of hairdos of various styles. When it comes to braided hairstyles hairstylists first think of long locks because long hair gives them more hair styling and bradding opportunities. One can create marvelous braided hairstyles on long hair and since braids are .

Pigtail Braids for Long HairBraided Hairstyles 2016

If before you used to see pigtail braids nowadays they are popular among young ladies too. This hairstyle is girlish and playful and looks very cute in messy forms. You may go for simple or for fishtail braids. If you like you can even combine it with French braid starting your braid from the top part.

Simple Side Braid for Long HairBraided Hairstyles 2016Side braids are more feminine and seductive be it a simple or any other braided hairstyle. This is the easiest braided hairdo which is familiar to anyone. It’s ideal in case you are in a hurry or want a quick hairstyle for your second day hair. This creates an innocent look for you and draws man crazy.

Messy Bohemian Braided Hairstyle for Long HairBraided Hairstyles 2016Bohemian hairstyles are for long hair for sure. They require thickness, length and more texture. Bohemian braids are quite trendy in 2016 and they are worn by many famous stars. They are unique and show off all the prettiness of your hairstyle.

Triple Braid for Long HairBraided Hairstyles 2016Triple braid is a more complicated yet very astounding braided hairstyle. If you have long, thick and voluminous hair you can rule them in this simple way. So, rock the triple braid to amuse your friends with your new hairstyle.

Fishtail Braid for Long HairBraided Hairstyles 2016The luxury of fishtail braids is mostly touchable on long hair. This easy braided hairstyle is now very fashionable and is worn by many models during fashion shows. It is feminine, tempting and pretty just the way it is.


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