Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015


It all started with Karlie Kloss back in late 2015. As soon as the supermodel decided to cut off seven inches of hair, the world couldn’t resist but follow in her footsteps. Nearly a year later and Karlie’s now longer bob hitting below the chin continues to inspire women all around the world. With it being swingy, sexy and surprisingly easy to wear, it’s no wonder the choppy bob became the haircut of 2015 a style that is rapidly building Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015 as well.

Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015
Sasha Luss is the other gorgeous supermodel to have said goodbye to her long, platinum blonde tresses this September in order to welcome a fresh amber-gold crop. Luss’ flaxen-auburn shade is expected to get blonder in time, but the stylish choppy bob finished off with a fringe is definitely not going anywhere, which only means there’s more inspiration to come.

Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015

If you’re yet to be convinced that the bob is indeed the cut of the moment, just think about the other big names to have welcomed a makeover in 2015. Amongst them Emma Stone who went for a darling short bob, Lilly Collins who looks delightful with her short new crop, and Jourdan Dunn who added to her sex-appeal with a sleek and fresh chop.

If you’re in for the change and already decided to cut your hair short or just a few inches shorter this season, you already underwent half the makeover journey. Now you just have to set your mind on the bob style that best complements your features.

Keep in mind that whether hitting above the chin, or above the shoulders, choppy or uneven, in order for a bob haircut to fully morph into a statement hairstyle, you have to commit to put in the work and the right styling products.

Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015

The things you should consider before committing to a cut are:

  • your hair type, which will dictate the bob’s length and shape for an overall cut that;s supposed to make the most of your natural hair;
  • the time you’re willing to spend working on styling your hair in the morning, which will decide the products you will be using;
  • finding the right hair stylist / hairdresser because if the bob is cut well, you can expect it to grow out beautifully for a long time.

Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015

The other great thing is that they can be styled in infinite new ways: to look undone, to carry a wispy quality or a natural feel, to play upon volume or dual texture, to appear laid-back or a bit retro.

Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015

Straight & sleek bob hairstyles.

Straight, sleek and sharp is bound to look amazing on just anyone as long as your bob haircut of choice has flattering proportions. Here is where simplicity prevails, and the styling process shouldn’t involve more than straightening the locks, going for a deep side-part or a messy center part, and tucking the hair behind the ears for a strong and a tad boyish effect.

You can play with a dual textured effect, or faux fringes to further infuse the looks with your personality.

Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015

Wet-look bob.

The wet-look hair is perhaps the most accessible of the styling options expected to transition into 2015. Trust the wet finish to instantly elevate the bob haircut and add to its versatility.

The most relevant wet-look bobs to have walked the fall 2015 runways shared the same defining elements:

  • high shine;
  • dual texture, being almost wet in front, but tousled and wiped at the back;
  • sculpted fronts for added height with the hair kept back off the face.

Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015

Messy bob hairstyles.

Decidedly more dramatic, but coming across as unfussy and undemanding at the same time, the messy bed-hair texture trove on the fall 2015 runways as if to update the classic bob haircut into an infinitely edgier style.

One great thing about messy bobs is that they do a wonderful job in complementing both the natural, bare face, and the girl gone wild approach to beauty. The other great thing is that they can be styled in infinite new ways: to look undone, to carry a wispy quality or a natural feel, to play upon volume or dual texture, to appear laid-back or a bit retro.

Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015
Barely-there waves.

What this season brought along in terms of styling the bob haircut is a return to innocence and femininity, an attitude enclosed in soft, barely-noticeable waves perfected with a sultry attitude and a slightly undone finish.

To emulate these styles and capture their effortless feel, choose to create a light wave in the front to frame the face, keeping the back of the hair smooth and straight. Fore more of a youthful feel choose to play with fluid, bouncing mermaid waves that look beautiful without being too done.

 Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015

Retro touches.

Gathering inspiration either form the mod ’60s or the grungy ’90s, trust the bob to be made anew all throughout 2015 and 2015 with something as beautiful as some pertinent retro accents.

Go for a beachy texture, a deep side-part and faux-bangs to complete the ‘60s London bad girl look, or opt for messy waves tucked behind the ears, a center part and deep red lips to obtain a grungy, but polished bob hairstyle.

Bob Hairstyles Trend 2015

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