Best Hair Colors 2017


Best Hair Colors 2017.You probably already know the best make-up for your eye color, but did you know that hair color can play a major role in how much or how little those green-eyes ‘pop’?Best Hair Colors 2017

Best Hair Colors 2017There are many hair colors that will complement your green eyes, it’s important to not only consider your eye color but also:

  • Skin tone
  • Skin complexion
  • Current hair color
  • Preferred clothing preference

Let’s take a look at the best hair color choices for you considering all of these factors and hopefully narrow down on a few hair color options that make people green with envy over your green eyes.Best Hair Colors 2017 Best Hair Colors 2017 Best Hair Colors 2017 Best Hair Colors 2017There are many shades of eye colors and not all greens are created equally. Although some greens are exclusive green, other shades of green are blended with blues, grays and browns. Determine what color green your eyes are and then you can determine if cool or warm undertones in your hair color would be best. If you have hazel / brown undertones then warm colors are a better option, but if you want to bring out the blue  gray undertones then a cooler color is best.Best Hair Colors 2017Best Hair Colors 2017Let’s be honest, most of us stick within the same color schemes when it comes to our clothing. Determine what colors look best on you and which colors you seem to gravitate towards. If you find that you often opt for blues, greens and purples then a cool hair color like platinum blonde might be better for you, but if you opt for reds and yellows then a warm hair color like burgundy would be best.

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