2017 Bridal Hair Trends


2017 Bridal Hair Trends. While the past year has been all about the loose, romantic updo, we’re seeing more brides wearing their hair up in a more structured ballerina-style updo. There’s been a clear trend in the last few years for looser and unstructured curls. Many of the weddings we’ve been a part of have common themes of romance, etherealness, and bohemian chic. Having the curls worn long and loose, with a bit of hair pulled back on both sides or only on one side gives an effortless, romantic  vibe. 2017-bridal-hair-trends-5

I personally love the look of having only one side pulled back and showcasing a beautiful clip, the look is flattering on everyone and you get the best of both worlds – hair down and away from your face. For those that want their hair down but can’t quite get their hair to grow enough or would like some extra volume or length, we have hair extensions customized to your hair colour for either rental or purchase for your wedding day.2017-bridal-hair-trends-14 2017-bridal-hair-trends-1 2017-bridal-hair-trends-2 2017-bridal-hair-trends-3 2017-bridal-hair-trends-4 2017-bridal-hair-trends-6 2017-bridal-hair-trends-7 2017-bridal-hair-trends-8 2017-bridal-hair-trends-9 2017-bridal-hair-trends-10 2017-bridal-hair-trends-11 2017-bridal-hair-trends-12 2017-bridal-hair-trends-13

Brides up and down the country are putting the finishing touches to their summer wedding plans, and of course that includes their hairstyles. Here we take a look at the key wedding hair trends 2017 to see which styles will be making it into the album this yearAfter the dress, how you style your hair probably says the most about you as a bride and the type of wedding you are looking to create. Will it be natural and understated? Chic and polished? Or maybe it will have more of a boho feel? Whatever styleyyou, ou choose there’s a gorgeous hairstyle that will mean you’re bang on trend…

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