2016 Fall/Winter Hair Color Trends


2016 Fall/Winter Hair Color Trends. You must have noticed in autumn season that leaves change their color as a part of natural phenomenon. It makes us understand that ‘Change’ is an important part of climate depending on season and time. Similarly, hair styles and their patterns need to be changed according to seasonal fashion trends. This keeps you updated & build your confidence with the best shades. Come & Color your fashion style with these winter hair color trends.2016-fallwinter-hair-color-trends-7

Sweetheart! Gone are those days when black, brown or burgundy hair colors were used. They were said to be evergreen hair color trends with the seasonal changes. Therefore, fashion freaks have declared some new winter hair color trends that has lot much to offer this season. But girls, you don’t have to shuffle the branded stores and other online websites anymore.2016-fallwinter-hair-color-trends-4 2016-fallwinter-hair-color-trends-1 2016-fallwinter-hair-color-trends-2 2016-fallwinter-hair-color-trends-3Ezyshine is here with various hair color ideas & best color combinations that match your apparels & accessories too. Talk about Brown Blonde hair style, Dip-Die style, Sandy, Smokey, or Mink hair color shades..!! Apart from these, you could go for Ombre style shade that will give you a trendilicious ultra fashion look. Additionally, a Red Velvet is also one of the easily adaptable winter hair color trends that will give you best in class looks.2016-fallwinter-hair-color-trends-4 2016-fallwinter-hair-color-trends-5If you are afraid to color your hairs, or confused, which color mix will gonna suit your style statement, then without thinking.. just go for streak style.If you are in hurry & want to change your look instantly, then this is the best fall/winter hair color trends you can try for. This style is all about dying some parts of your hairs with different colorful shades, pastel palette or ombre shades. Ends of hairs are directly dipped in hair color for gorgeous hair shades. Before dying, hairs till 3 inch are bleached & then they are dipped in trendy colors.2016-fallwinter-hair-color-trends-8 2016 Fall/Winter Hair Color Trends

Blonde shades are always in fashion & it came in fashion because of Gisele bundchen. This hair color shade is somewhat different from blonde & brunette, which add special effects to the hairs. But before using this style make sure you have healthy hairs. Don’t die your hairs directly. First, bleach your hairs and them punk your hairs with color shades. Make sure you make color choice according to your skin color or matching your skin tone. Add 3 wave tones to the hairs to give depth & highlights.

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