2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Best Celebrity Hairstyles


It’s time to have a look at the most impressive and memorable hairstyles noted during the absolutely flabbergasting 2015Primetime Emmy Awards! ! So having a nosey at the most impressive and remarkable 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards celebrity hairstyles and makeup options, we can speak about the following looks!

2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Best Celebrity Hairstyles

Elegant Updos

1. Keltie Knight Romantic Loose Updo

The very first beauty we would like to speak about is Keltie Knight, who presented the gorgeous and a bit vintage-inspired ‘do with some curly front framing bangs and hair finished off with the impressive smokey eye makeup and the pinky highlights of the cheekbones.

2. Taylor Schilling Effortless Updo

The alternative presented by Taylor Schilling was the next type of experiment that could be made with updo hairstyles. This time the classic forms were matched with the side swept front hair and finished off with asymmetrical touches for the modernized look. The light smokey eye makeup also matched the natural pink accents nicely.

3. Hayden Panettiere Headband-Embellished Updo

Headbands were also in for the show and the beautiful future mommy Hayden Panettiere leapt at the opportunity of matching the gorgeous silver dress with the silver headband securing her curly locks into a wonderful ‘do, which was completed with the all-natural makeup with the hardly noticeable smokey effect with lighter tones.

2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Best Celebrity Hairstyles

4. Sarah Hyland Top Knot

Classics are undoubtedly one of the most frequently observed options for any event. This one is not an exception and Sarah Hyland came with another gorgeous interpretation of the classic high bun, completed with messy touches and overall sleek back style. The makeup accents were quite heavy falling on the eyes and the nicely contoured cheekbones matching the brownish tone of the lips perfectly.

5. Teyonah Parris Braided Top Bun

Dramatic updos were also having a moment here, and one of the most impressive alternatives was presented by Teyonah Parris, who appeared on the red carpet with the super high braided bun of hers matched with the sleek finishes and the pinky accents for the makeup.

2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Best Celebrity Hairstyles

6. Laura Prepon Low Side Bun

Laura Prepon also chose an experimental approach for this fabulous red carpet event, going for the side bun completed with the messy front framing hair on one side and finished off with the overall side swept touches. And as for her makeup, the classic and popular smokey with natural duo worked in this case too.

7. Melissa Rauch Low Bun

The hairdo that Melissa Rauch chose was really beyond gorgeous and amazing! The pure romance was embedded into her awesome low bun, spiced up with delicate bangs and some front framing hair for the absolute effect. The bluish highlights matching her blue eyes and the gorgeous blue dress were all that was necessary for perfection.

2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Best Celebrity Hairstyles

8. Nancy O’Dell Sleek Bun

Another fabulous alternative has been noted with the look of Nancy O’Dell, who picked a super amazing updo adorned with a side parting and very delicate blonde shade plays matched with the pinky accents on the cheeks and the sweet pinky lip gloss with the imaginative accents on the eyes.

9. Allison Williams Backcombed Sleek Updo

Sleek updo was the pick of Allison Williams, who opted for a super sleek front part and some interesting brownish highlights for the eyes. The pale pink accents for the lips also complemented the look greatly.

2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Best Celebrity Hairstyles

10. Anna Chlumsky Classic Updo

The next exemplar of classic updos with central parting was picked by Anna Chlumsky, who decided to go for the classic accents of hairstyle matched with the slight smokey eye and the overall natural makeup highlights to counterbalance the whole look.

11. Louise Roe Classic Bun

The following amazing interpretation of the updo hairstyle is that of Louise Roe, who opted for a really impressive and classic updo composed of a low positioned bun and completed with a central parting and overall curious minimalistic touches. Her ‘do matched her natural makeup and the gorgeous accents on the eyes just ideally.

2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Best Celebrity Hairstyles

12. January Jones Twisted Updo

As for January Jones the combination of twisted touches was the key for the amazing effect of the updo she managed to create matching the classic updo forms and the classic bangs finished off with the front framing hair and the reddish makeup accents.

2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Best Celebrity Hairstyles

13. Kiernan Shipka Classic Low Updo

Another great variant for the classic updo variants is presented by Kiernan Shipka, who picked a very romantic side swept ‘do, adorned with very impressive color plays of black and blonde. Her look was completed with natural makeup accents the catchiest part of which was the pinky lip-gloss, but also the peachy tones for the cheeks.

14. Michelle Dockery Center-Parted Updo

Finally, the last but not least dumbfounding updo variant was presented by Michelle Dockery, who again decided to pick a central parted and very romantic alternative spiced up with creamy makeup highlights and overall minimalistically created arrows on the eyes.

2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Best Celebrity Hairstyles

15. Claire Danes Romantic Low Bun

One more impressive alternative for the creative range of updos was presented by Claire Danes, who decided to put it with the synthesis of classic and modernized, spiced up with some front framing hair and overall side swept accents, matched with the red lips and the luxurious arrows on the eyes.

Stylish Medium-Length and Short Hairstyles

1. Julianne Hough Textured Pixie

The following impressive look is that of sweet and charming Julianne Hough, who appeared on the red carpet with the amazing pixie of hers, adorned with an asymmetrical side parted style and very nice color plays of blonde tones. The natural makeup with slight accents on her sky blue eyes only completed the look.

2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Best Celebrity Hairstyles

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