10 BEST HAIRCUTS 2017.lready more than one season in fashion and hairstyles page bean, they are commonly used on medium-length hair, in addition, hairstyles and haircuts spring 2017 suit virtually all women, most importantly the right to take into account the structural features of his face, and to choose different variations of hairstyles.So, for example, it is possible to make direct or oblique bangs, straight edge of the main part of the hair, or make the inverted bob, you can safely experiment with ragged strands and asymmetry.

Best Hair Colors 2017

Best Hair Colors 2017.You probably already know the best make-up for your eye color, but did you know that hair color can play a major role in how much or how little those green-eyes ‘pop’?Best Hair Colors 2017

Short Pink Hairstyle 2017

Short Pink Hairstyle 2017.Looking for a bold and edgy new look? Then look no further. A pink hair color is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd but it actually doesn’t have to be as dramatic as you might imagine. Check out these short pink hairstyles for some inspiration. It could give you the ideas for the perfect summertime look you’ve been searching for.Short Pink Hairstyle 2017

Blonde Bobs Hairtstyles 2017

Blonde Bobs Hairtstyles 2017.Strawberry blonde is such an amazing color because it perfectly blends the warmth of a red hue with the cool undertones of blonde. It’s warm enough for a fall color but cool enough to look perfect while tanning on the beach.

Wedding Hairstyles 2017

Wedding Hairstyles 2017.I remember begging my mother to braid my hair as a child, loving the mother-daughter bonding time and the fact that I could tell my friends at school I had the coolest mom ever; my uniquely braided hair being proof.Wedding Hairstyles 2017


BEST HAIR COLOR 2017 TRENDS.The defining trend of the new season is the most diverse variations in hair coloring2017 . Stylists shrug, pointing to the versatile tastes of its customers. In turn, the designers surprise unusual shades of hair and classical, already established, the trend of the season. Today we try to understand at hair-fresh.ru, what are the most popular shades of hair in 2016, as well as talk about the updates to the fashion catwalk.best-hair-color-2017-trends-9

Best Hair Colors 2016-2017 Winter

 Best Hair Colors 2016-2017 Winter.The coming of the new season brings forwards the newest hair trends 2016-2017 and you can’t miss them out. For fall and winter time you must get new wardrobe, learn some new make up tricks but before all that you should think of your gorgeous hair colors! Yes winter tendencies have their own peculiarities and while in summer we can afford careless looks, for autumn season you should be much more accurate. So what are the hair color trends for 2016-2017? First of all we again face the natural looks, no matter what you do you have to be as close to you inborn looks as possible.

Winter Hair Trends 2016-2017

Winter Hair Trends 2016-2017.Now the days are getting cooler it is time for a fresh new look. Battle those dreary grey winter days with adding some vibrancy to your hair colour.This winter is all about warmer colours with Subtle Ombres –  it’s all about the gradual blending. We suggest strong Coppers, Mahoganys and reds blending to soft golden ends to add texture to your hair.Loose soft waves are in vogue for both long hair and Lobs. Low partings, sweeping fringes and signature braids are popular this season.winter-hair-trends-2016-2017-4

2016 Fall/Winter Hair Color Trends

2016 Fall/Winter Hair Color Trends. You must have noticed in autumn season that leaves change their color as a part of natural phenomenon. It makes us understand that ‘Change’ is an important part of climate depending on season and time. Similarly, hair styles and their patterns need to be changed according to seasonal fashion trends. This keeps you updated & build your confidence with the best shades. Come & Color your fashion style with these winter hair color trends.2016-fallwinter-hair-color-trends-7